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Adsense: The Trailer Parks of the Web

Tue 15 August 2006, 02:30 pm GMT +0200
Just read this interesting article regarding adsense and the change that it creates to the webmaster world and the web in general.

Here is a quotation from Peter Davis's blog :

MFA (Made for Adsense) sites tend to be low quality, light on the content and heavy on the Adsense. In the worst cases, the content is scraped. Scraped content is assembled with software that scours the web, and will either blatantly steal content from other sources or put together search engine result pages as if it were genuine content. One step up from scraped content is the article sites. There are many websites that offer collections of articles that webmasters are free to use, which usually are given because they contain a link to the author?s own website. The intent of giving those articles is that they?d be placed on a relevant website, and people who read the article and liked it would click to the author?s home page. What the MFA sites are doing is instead of taking individual articles to offer to people visiting their sites, they?ll take the entire collection of articles. Thus, we get thousands upon thousands of versions of these articles posted which decreases the value to everyone involved.

In my opinion this is true, because adsense + the greed of everyone is transforming the web to a place where you can seek a lot of duplicate information. This is a problem to the internet user, and also a problem to the search engines :)

Anyway I don't see a clear solution to this, as adsense may cause problems, but still it is the most popular cpc program, and reasonably as it produces the best revenue to its publishers.

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Tue 15 August 2006, 02:50 pm GMT +0200
yes he is right, actually websites with duplicated content are spam for the search engines and also for us because we read the results of the search engines. I think all this publishing sites are bad too because these are doing content duplication too, but these are also kind of helpers from the search engines otherwise no one will read the article.

the point is where ends the publication and starts the spam (or massive content duplication)

Tue 15 August 2006, 07:11 pm GMT +0200
As long as this stealing and duplication of content keeps making G money, I don't see them doing a darn thing to stop it. Surely, they must have seen this as a likely outcome from the way they set up Adsense.

Without a human visiting the sites, I'm not sure how they are going to be able to identify the frauds from the legitimate sites. While the grammar is often terrible and the phrasing strange with the automated content generators, they do seem to create content that wouldn't get flagged as duplicate.

It should prove interesting to see what happens as more folks begin using MSN for search when the new OS launches.

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