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oguzie J.J.
Mon 5 March 2007, 09:54 pm GMT +0100
I think i should direct my question to Nik or to any one in the admni. to help me in changing my forum's logo inscription. I am a moderator of a forum community called Forum Nigeria see and we had this xtmas banna/logo that has been there since the past xtmas season and members of my community cant find it any more interesting keeping such a logo even after xtmas. The local administrator by name Chuka has left and he is the only one with the wherewithal to effect such change cus he was the one that established the logo in the first place. I would love you guts either Nicolas or any one else that can help to install the original logo or make a new one that has be in tune with the times. Or as well you can guide me on what to do to change that logo please. Your HELP is highly needed Thanx.

Mon 5 March 2007, 10:02 pm GMT +0100
I am not sure what you want to do here. In any way you need to be an admin to change the logo of the forum. This can be done on the admin panel (for the newest versions of SMF) or by changing the index.template.php file.

oguzie J.J.
Mon 5 March 2007, 10:10 pm GMT +0100
Well sorry for having posted on the wrong Thread but like i have said the admni of my forum is no where to be found and all members is complaining bitterly about the continuos use of an expired logo. We have the newest version of SMF. Anyway will heed your advise and try to see if i can be able to recreate the logo like you said. Compliments for your swift reply.

Mon 5 March 2007, 10:18 pm GMT +0100
I am afraid you can't change the logo without an admin account.....

oguzie J.J.
Mon 5 March 2007, 10:25 pm GMT +0100
What then should be done hence the administrator has gone underground? Is there no other possibility in effecting such a change? Again thanx.

Mon 5 March 2007, 10:32 pm GMT +0100
As I said to my first post, you need to have admin account or change the index.template.php file which means that you need ftp access to the server.

Mon 5 March 2007, 10:33 pm GMT +0100
you could try to replace the images with new ones.
/Themes/default/images/smflogo.gif and
but for that you would need access to the hosting account of your website

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