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Code library categories :
Content Retrieval
These routines let you grab content from elsewhere on the net for your use.

Database Management
Manipulate your databases better with those code fragments.

Date & Time
Date & time related snippets

Tutorials that will help you deploy applications easier

Email Related
Code snippets about emailing.

Files & Directories
File and directory manipulation functions.

Forms & Data Validation
Snippets for manipulating forms and data entered by the user.

Link Managemement
Code snippets regarding link managment. Very usefull for directory owners.

Various snippets that don't fit on any other category.

Regular expressions
Common examples and tutorials regarding one of the hardest to understand things in web programming : regular expressions.

Latest tutorials added :
PhP tutorialcURL: separating headers from content
Some times I need to fetch a page with its headers. The problem is that the cURL library can return both but there is no default way to ask for both of them separate. So here is a work around which works for most of the cases.
Hits : 26833 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialPost an RSS feed to twitter
A php script that you can use to post your blog's feed to twitter. The script will convert urls using the twt.gs url shortening service, and it will post it to twitter along with the post's title.
Hits : 35588 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialSearch a code fragment in a directory recursive
Some times we need to search the contents of many files through php. Personally I wrote this piece of code when I was using eaccelerator, and used it to search the whole server for files that are not compiled.
Hits : 35163 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialMeasure page load time (php class)
In this tutorial we will create a basic php class with witch we will see in how much time a page loads
Hits : 51630 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialPhp geotargeting techniques
There are many cases that we need to display different content to our users depending on the location that they are visiting our site. In this tutorial we will give some examples regarding geo targeting with php.
Hits : 61535 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialThe fastest way to see how many people are online at your site
Recently after a server crash, I wanted to know which of my sites have the most users online. Knowing that information would help me to determine which site is having the extra traffic, but what is the faster way to do this?
Hits : 60297 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialDetecting GoogleBot with php
Recently I came to a major problem with our server. After installing the mod_evasive to our server, the module treated Google bot like a Ddos attacker. The results is that there are thousands of pages in our sites that Google can't crawl, and that way we lose a lot of traffic.
Hits : 15330 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialRedirecting your old feed to FeedBurner
Recently I moved a feed to FeedBurner. The problem was that I wanted to redirect old users to the new feed url, but in the same time allow FeedBurner to visit the old feed in order to crawl it.
Hits : 5973 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialOptimizing your php code
In this tutorial I will try to write some basic tips on how to optimize your php code. In general those are some very basic information that can make your writing style better, and your code run faster.
Hits : 21079 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialBackup all your databases with one click
This is a script usefull mostly to server admins, which will automatically detect all your mysql databases and backup/compress them.
Hits : 16634 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialHow to create a url blacklist in your phpLD tutorial
Bellow is a modification for the popular phpLD directory script which gives you the abillity to dissalow spammers from submiting their sites to your directory.

The script uses a blacklist and disallow submittions for every domain you want, including subdomains.
Hits : 7122 submitted by Nikolas
JavaScript tutorialA better way to handle submitted data & protect your pages
This tutorial will teach you how to properly handle user submitted data as well as displaying it, and even protecting the pages the scripts are run from.
Hits : 3715 submitted by Meth0d
PhP tutorialAlexa ranking retrieval script
This is a small php code snippet that helps you retrieve the alexa ranking for any web site you like.
Hits : 9328 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialMake your script run only from crontab
Some times we want a php script not to be able to run from a web browser. For example a database backup script. This is reasonable as someone that knows the url of this script can easily abuse our web server.
Hits : 3294 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialFilter bad words from a sentence
This code snippet will replace bad words, that you define, to asterisks. So it will replace WORD with ****
Hits : 8086 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialDownload files with cURL
A snippet that helps you download files from the web, with the use of the well known cURL library for php.
Hits : 87167 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialProtecting your forms from SQL attacks
A design flaw which can have really bad results is widely spread - not checking your form fields correctly. Here's how to make it better - yet note, the used htmlentities() function has a flaw itself in apache 2.2.2 so update to 2.2.3 which contains php 5.2.0.

Additional information and how to better protect your php scripts can be found at http://www.hardened-php.net/suhosin/index.html
Hits : 4526 submitted by artviper
PhP tutorialanother spam protection for contact forms
Check the user input for bad words from a textfile.
Hits : 3781 submitted by artviper
PhP tutorialA simple way to remove spam comments
As we faced some spam problems with the trackback bot, I thought to write a simple function that checks if a message contains "bad words", in order to prevent comment spam.
Hits : 3274 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialRemoving comments from a perl script
Latelly I was trying to optimize a perl script, and I realized that it had too many comments. Actually the half size of the script was comments, so I thought it would be easier for the perl intepreter if all the comments and empty lines would be removed from the script.
Hits : 3263 submitted by Nikolas

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