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Code library categories :
Content Retrieval
These routines let you grab content from elsewhere on the net for your use.

Database Management
Manipulate your databases better with those code fragments.

Date & Time
Date & time related snippets

Tutorials that will help you deploy applications easier

Email Related
Code snippets about emailing.

Files & Directories
File and directory manipulation functions.

Forms & Data Validation
Snippets for manipulating forms and data entered by the user.

Link Managemement
Code snippets regarding link managment. Very usefull for directory owners.

Various snippets that don't fit on any other category.

Regular expressions
Common examples and tutorials regarding one of the hardest to understand things in web programming : regular expressions.

Latest tutorials added :
JavaScript tutorialخرید کارت شارژ

<a href="http://www.behcharge.com">خرید کارت شارژ</a>
Hits : 39 submitted by moshtari1
JavaScript tutorialvalidation for email address in javascript
validation for email with java script
Hits : 333 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialThe fastest way to see how many people are online at your site
The fastest way to see how many people are online at your site
Hits : 376 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialPrinting the current page with JS
Print the current page.
Hits : 322 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialBasic authentication with PhP
Basic authentication with PhP
Hits : 345 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorial A basic counter with PhP
Basic counter code
Hits : 337 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialAll words first letter in uppercase
All words first letter in uppercase.
Hits : 281 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialDownload files with cURL
download the cURL file.
Hits : 20 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialDownload files with cURL
download the files with cURL.
Hits : 22 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorial Fetching web pages and rss feeds with the CURL library
 Fetching web pages and rss feeds with the CURL library
Hits : 23 submitted by priyagupta
JavaScript tutorialAjax
ajax is  Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
Hits : 17 submitted by priyagupta
PhP tutorialA better way to handle submitted data & protect your pages
handle the submitted data.
Hits : 13 submitted by priyagupta
PhP tutorialcURL: separating headers from content
Some times I need to fetch a page with its headers. The problem is that the cURL library can return both but there is no default way to ask for both of them separate. So here is a work around which works for most of the cases.
Hits : 27291 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialPost an RSS feed to twitter
A php script that you can use to post your blog's feed to twitter. The script will convert urls using the twt.gs url shortening service, and it will post it to twitter along with the post's title.
Hits : 36188 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialSearch a code fragment in a directory recursive
Some times we need to search the contents of many files through php. Personally I wrote this piece of code when I was using eaccelerator, and used it to search the whole server for files that are not compiled.
Hits : 35624 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialMeasure page load time (php class)
In this tutorial we will create a basic php class with witch we will see in how much time a page loads
Hits : 52316 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialPhp geotargeting techniques
There are many cases that we need to display different content to our users depending on the location that they are visiting our site. In this tutorial we will give some examples regarding geo targeting with php.
Hits : 62230 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialThe fastest way to see how many people are online at your site
Recently after a server crash, I wanted to know which of my sites have the most users online. Knowing that information would help me to determine which site is having the extra traffic, but what is the faster way to do this?
Hits : 61030 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialDetecting GoogleBot with php
Recently I came to a major problem with our server. After installing the mod_evasive to our server, the module treated Google bot like a Ddos attacker. The results is that there are thousands of pages in our sites that Google can't crawl, and that way we lose a lot of traffic.
Hits : 15793 submitted by Nikolas
PhP tutorialRedirecting your old feed to FeedBurner
Recently I moved a feed to FeedBurner. The problem was that I wanted to redirect old users to the new feed url, but in the same time allow FeedBurner to visit the old feed in order to crawl it.
Hits : 6003 submitted by Nikolas

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